Yale Udoff

More Gun Play Reviews

From A GUN PLAY @ Cherry Lane, NYC.

“It’s as though ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf’ was staged by the Marx Brothers in ‘Chock Full of Nuts.’………An intriguing play.” 

Saunders, ABC-TV.

“A subtle compelling comedy of menace. A dark parable of the world of violence in which we inhabit daily…. inventive, thoughtful and a most welcome new voice in the American theatre.” 

Emory Lewis, The Record.

“A brittle, tough, funny tragedy in the style of Pinter but with brilliant insights into the American character. A stimulating play, full of surprises.”

Sandy Lesberg, WOR.

“Dramatic ‘Duck Soup’ with Pinter sauce. His dialogue is often brilliant. I enjoyed the madness of his play.’

Bill Raidy, Newhouse.