Yale Udoff

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From STATES OF MIND, two one-acts: “The Little Gentleman” and “Nebraska” @ The Laurelgrove Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

“States of Mind” is a set of one-act plays from award-winning writer Yale Udoff, and both, widely different in scope and subject matter, continue to show the range of this marvelous playwright.”  Joshua Jason, NOHO-LA.

GO “In his pair of comedies, Mr. Udoff takes a satiric sledgehammer too political hubris and the ‘sanctity’ of family. Udoff has an ear for witty, lacerating dialogue and is unconcerned with the niceties of political correctness. In ‘Gentlemen’, this triad of females cross swords, argue and turn the day into a comical nightmare.”  Lovel Estell III, LA WEEKLY.

“In its world premiere, and under the umbrella title of ‘States of Mind’, playwright Yale Udoff offers up two very dark comedies that, while seeming a bit theatre-of-the-absurd, bear and uncomfortable resemblance to today’s reality…. Here Udoff, in ‘Little Gentlemen’, again shows his flair for the dark side of comedy, though this piece might almost qualify as a drama with comic relief. He keeps the drama and comedy in perfect balance.”  Dave Depino, Beverly Press.

“Audiences who value original wit might check out ‘States of Mind.’ Author Yale Udoff brings a casually droll sense of geopolitical satire to these two well-played absurdist one-acts.” David C. Nichols, LA Times.

From MAGRITTE SKIES @ Playwrights Horizon, NYC and O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, Waterford , Connecticut.

“Man is a fated animal…doomed, if not by the gods then by society’s false idols and parasitical bloodsuckers. With an iconoclastic bludgeon, playwright Yale M. Udoff attacks the sustaining girders of modern man: role-playing, false securities, feigned communication, commercial television, and the delusion of individual control. Described as a ‘surrealistic vision of American family life,’ MAGRITTE SKIES is just that. Brilliant, witty…” SHOW BUSINESS.

Yale Udoff’s MAGRITTE SKIES is that rare play which works effectively on several levels. Basically, the play is a semi-Absurd satire of American emptiness of purpose, our penchant for making the trivial important and the important trivial. Besides being sharply satiric, Mr. Udoff’s play moves one intellectually in a way in which only non-realistic theatre can, bridging the gap between satire and cosmic questioning of life’s purposes.” Gary Blake @ O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. Waterford, Connecticut.



“It’s a story that is as moving as it is funny….how elegantly it shows us both the humor and horror of re-inventing your life.”  Randall Arney, Geffen Playhouse.

“…natural and moving dialogue along with forward moving action. It also includes a touching story about the plight of a middle-aged man struggling with his marriage, friendships, and career.”  Jeremy Cohen, Hartford Playhouse.

“The play reads well. Characters are all involved with each other to tell the story smoothly, effectively and movingly. The actors, even in an impromptu cold reading found very clear humans inside the lines and plot. And all the characters are very sympathetic. I think the actors are well pleased when they find characters the can intuitively attach a humanity to. It’s easy to imagine a lovely production.”  Jon DeVries, Blue Coyote Theatre, NYC.

“…wonderful moments of humour and lightness both n terms of situation and character. The darker, mordant wit is deftly handled and beautifully timed. We were very drawn to the characters.”  Pippa Ellis, Literary Exec., Hampstead Theatre, London.


“The depth of feeling in the piece and the level of invention you bring to the form of it are quite remarkable.”  Gil Cates, Geffen Playhouse. Los Angeles.

“We found the script to be elegant, witty and true.”  Susan LaTempa, LA Stage Co.

“If anyone doubts the power of theatre, he or she should definitely read your play, a wonderful case study of one artist having the courage to confront his demons, past and present, via this wonderful collaborative and healing art. I congratulate you for having written something so emotionally honest and open.”  Pier Carlo Talenti, Literary Manager, Mark Taper Forum. Los Angeles.

“We admired the richness of the material and bold theatricality of the writing.”  Holly Hughes, Hampstead Theatre. London.

“First Draft offers a compelling look at an unresolved father/son relationship. David’s introspective character is creative in a believable way. The boldness and blunt honesty is terrific. The use of improvisation as a catalyst for the actors within the play is very clever. The play has a complete resolution. It is so effective, it gives you a lump in your throat.” Malibu Stage. Los Angeles


“…you continue to have one of the most vivid theatrical imaginations in this age of endless domestic dramas.”  John Dillon, Artistic Director, Milwaukee Rep. Theater.

“The writing is exceptional. American Pinterism at its best. Brilliant.”  Dakin Matthews, California Actors Theatre.


"...You have written a compelling satire about the Bush Administration, while still making a thoughtful examination of changing political idealogy." GiIl Cates, Producing Director


“I found it comedic, biting, relevant and exceedingly well done.” Don Stolz, Old Log Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota.