Yale Udoff


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Stephen - late forties

Carole - late thirties

Jason - mid thirties

Ethan - early sixties


Sherman Oaks, California. A one-bedroom condo with a small loft.

The set is comprised of the living room which occupies the entire stage. Upstage, doors to a bedroom and a closet. Stairs lead to a small loft that has a bed, desk and its own bathroom (which the audience has a view into).  Thermostat at base of stairs.

The living room itself has a couch, chairs, an entertainment console, a dining table, bookcases, an old French buffet, a large mirror and some art, the most prominent of which is a large oil with a sensual female semi-nude sitting on a couch staring out, holding a tea cup in one hand (in the style of Balthus). The taste is a pared down modernism.

Stage right, windows to the street and the door. Off Stage left, the kitchen.