Yale Udoff


First Draft

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DAVID - A playwright, late forties.

BERNARD/”MAX”/DAVID’S FATHER - An actor, sixties.

GENE - A director, forties.

MARK/”JOSHUA”/YOUNGER DAVID - An actor, twenties.

PHIL - An actor, early forties.

ROSALIND/”ESTHER”/DAVID’S MOTHER - An actress, fifties.

PAULA/NURSE/JOYCE - An actress, twenties.

The Place: A high school gymnasium in New York City.

The Time: Sunday afternoon in late March.

The Set: The entire stage is half a full-court basketball court. SR, a  Plexiglas backboard, rim and net. US, the side court boundary line behind  which  sits (from SR to SL):

a small table marked “Press” with two folding chairs, two snake-necked reading lamps and one laptop computer;  to the left of the this table, a team bench; finally a few feet from the bench and separated from it by a wheelchair -  a long table marked “Officials” with one lamp and three or four folding chairs.

Behind the bench and tables, two or three rows of foldout bleachers common to most school gymnasiums. The OS matching half of this court is cut off by a movable aluminum wall which can be entered through a small door. (This wall partitions the gym into Boys and Girls areas.) There is another larger door USR over which hangs an “Exit” sign. Somewhere a clock indicates the time to be: 2.46 P.M.

Other areas of the stage can be used as necessary to indicate a kitchen or whatever else is necessary.

(NOTE # 1 the Concerto heard within the body of this play is, Vivaldi, Concerto # 3 in D Major for Flute, Srings & Continuo, known as “Il Cardollino.” This play uses the Second Movement.

NOTE # 2 the music from Stravinsky’s “Petrouchka” can come from any section the director deems best.

NOTE #  3 quotation marks indicate dialogue from the manuscript, the bits-‘n-pieces, David is currently working on.)