Yale Udoff


The Little Gentleman

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The kitchen in a luxury apartment building somewhere in New York City.

The kitchen is filled with all the latest deluxe gadgetry and extends the width of the stage. Running along the rear wall are the latest model refrigerator, dishwasher – and most importantly, Viking oven; also, a sink with cabinets below and above. A nearby archway leads to the rest of the O.S. apartment; SL, a presently closed door leads to the O.S. entrance hallway and front door.

SR, a large sliding glass door leads to the mostly O.S. terrace (the door presently closed, though the drapes that cover it have been pulled open). Some plants can be seen, and a hint of the city.

CS, an oval breakfast table with four chairs. Not far from it (and the terrace), a large crib with wheels. Two telephones, one blue and one red, hang at either end of the sink area.

An expensive Lalique clock sits on top of an entertainment center, which includes a stereo radio/CD outfit, some books, etc.

It is close to noon. Rays of sunlight stream through the terrace door, hitting the crib.