Yale Udoff


Short précis of available materials with no encumbrances:



A psychological thriller with a wild and dark sense of humor centering on a writer of pulp fiction whose characters come to life, totally screwing up his life and almost killing him.

"I really enjoyed this script. It's intelligent, exciting, and challenging. The dialogue is believable and shifts with the changes in reality to match the tone of what is happening at the time. I think that handled correctly it has the potential to be both financially and critically successful, attracting lots of good talent."

Travolta Productions.

"An original and excellently crafted screenplay which walks the fine and difficult line between reality and phantasy with deft precision. Mr. Udoff is certainly a talented writer with an acute eye for details and a strong but subtle feel for his characters."

Irwin Winkler Co.

MIRROR IMAGE (with Larry Skoller)

A gothic thriller about a NYC publisher who flees the city for an old empty mansion on the Hudson River in. Instead of escaping from the turmoil of the city, he finds he’s stepped directly into the violent tragedies of a past he knew nothing of, but is intimately linked to. Because the house he now lives in – unknown to him – was owned by his family, a family he knew nothing of, a family whose legacy is one of mayhem and murder. Floorboards creak, the sighting – a dream, reality, what? – of a spectral woman in white who so closely resembles the woman he has fallen in love with, a woman he really knows little about – a woman who is perhaps tied to the mystery of his past, a love from more than a hundred years ago who has come to exact her revenge.


Drama about an unorthodox interracial ménage-a-trois. A young white couple and a black man, friends since college, establish a unique relationship. The black man, down on his luck, it taken into “service” by his supposedly wealthy friends. He lives in their house as a servant, cooking and attending to chores in return for room, board and a space to paint (he’s an artist). The wife, with lots of free time, is beautiful and distracting. At the same time, the business of the black man’s friend is in deep financial distress…and during this, the black man and his friend’s wife drift into an intimacy that can’t help but provoke tragedy.

MOMENTUM (aka WHEELMAN with Larry Cohen)

A noirish drama about an ex-con blackmailed by a rouge FBI agent into helping set-up his former gang. Double-crossed by the FBI agent, he is shot and left for dead, while the agent disappears with four million in negotiable bonds. Hanging on to his life by a thread, he slowly regains some of his strength, but is left a paraplegic, his body paralyzed from the hips down. And now he sets out to clear himself and get back the woman he loves. But his former gang as well as the corrupt FBI agent is determined to get him before he can clear his name.

BLINDSIDED aka OLD SCORES (with Cary Medoway)

A political thriller about a man who has lost his memory and begins to think, as he slowly recovers it, that he murdered a US Senator. As he attempts to recover his memory and figure out exactly what happened to him, various parties – including the law – are in deadly pursuit. THE FUGITIVE meets THE BOURNE IDENTITY.

"This one's a keeper. Deft, complex story & plot. Solid characters. Good dialogue. All genre beats in place. Taut, effective, entertaining. No mere summary can do this rousing yarn justice; it's much too complex, fraught with tension, and loaded with surprise twists, turns and double-turns to do that. Outstanding in the script is the writer's impeccable use of flashback and subliminal 'memory' cuts. 'Blindsided' has its antecedents: 'No Way Out' for one, as well as 'Manchurian Candidate' … 'Three Days of  the Condor' … 'Mirage' … and 'The Fugitive' are a few that come to mind."


"A superior thriller which grabs the reader from start and never lets go. The key to the script is its intricate and careful structure, which reveals crucial information slowly and effectively. Masterful use of flashback. Pacing of the script is also excellent. What's particularly smart about the script (and what makes it commercially viable) is its sensitivity to a female sensibility. The leading man is a vulnerable man trying desperately to make sense of his life n the basis of a few scattered clues. The fact that his marriage was strong and that his wife died so tragically makes our connection with him that much deeper."

Dan Goldberg , Indy analyst.    

OFFSPRING aka FAMILY PLAN (with Cary Medoway)

A Crichtonesque thriller about the cloning of children. A man fearing fatherhood, along with his wife, enrolls in an experimental program to understand what it is to be a parent. The child they receive to parent is, unknown to them, “synthetic,” constructed from their DNA. They learn too late of its real origins, and that their “child” will most likely not live longer than seven years. Having come to love the little boy, they are determined to save him from his dark fate.

DIRTY TRICKS (with Duncan Gibbins)

A political thriller centering on two buddies down on their luck and stumble into a major scandal with international implications. And suddenly everyone is trying to kill them in order to get what they have, even though they are totally confused about what it is they have that people are willing to kill for.

MEN OF KENT (with Guy Prevost)

A reversal of “The Stepford Wives.” Here, it is the men who are being turned into robots.


An edgy, contemporary comic thriller with a healthy does of romance, featuring a befuddled young architect taken hostage by a mysterious French beauty, and a very cool Siberian husky. A road picture with a nourish feel.

"As I have come to expect from Yale, 'Girl With A Gun' is filled with unexpected twists and turns and a fine sense of momentum."

Robert H. Conte, HBO.


An edgy, erotic thriller with more twists than you get driving down Laurel Canyon. Set against the contrasting backdrops of wealthy La Jolla and the gritty Mexican border, this tense thriller focuses on a dangerous triangle involving a charming, somewhat cynical ex-minor league baseball player, now a real estate agent in his early thirties, the beautiful and sensuous young woman he falls in love with and her rich and mercenary husband. 



A comedy about a husband who takes his wife to the French Riviera with The plan of murdering her using the French tradition of “Crime Passionale”(a husband is justified in killing his wife if he finds her in bed with another man; this being France, it doesn’t work the other way ‘round). In the process, the two rediscover one another, re-ignite their marriage. Only now, a real killer is after them.

"This script successfully deviates from its parent genre as it has a happy ending. It explores and/or exploits the fear of love turning to hate and eventual murder, or thoughts thereof. There are enough twists and turns to keep the story moving along, each one well thought out and told with great style. Humor throughout."

Gross-Weston Productions.  


A comedy of mistaken identity centering on a nice young man who just happens to be the youngest son on a NYC crime family. When his older brother is knocked off by a rival family, the young man is pressured into seeking revenge. Only he would rather listen to opera, be with his girlfriend, etc. Strangely, however, the mobsters in the rival family begin to meet a series of fatal accidents until they are all kaput! Our hero, who has had nothing to do with these “eliminations”, becomes, in the eyes of all, the most famous hitman in the business. And now the Boss of Bosses enlists him as  his personal protector, and executioner.

"Imagine Woody Allen cast as a Mafioso charged with killing off the sinister members of a rival gang and your get a good idea of what this is about. The screenplay hums along nicely."

Warner Brothers.

PRISONER OF LOVE (with Cary Medoway)

A dramatic comedy about a man running away from his responsibilities with the girl of his dreams, only to discover that she wants everything he’s running from.

A WEDDING IN PALM BEACH (with Cary Medoway)

On the eve of her daughter’s wedding a wealthy socialite discovers she is penniless. Deserted by her staff and facing ruin, she prays for a miracle and gets it when a boatload of refugees is beached on her estate. A screwball romantic comedy out of Preston Sturges via Frank Capra.

GAME PLAN (aka MISMATCHED) by Yale Udoff & Maryedith Burrell

A romantic comedy about an unemployed actress hired by a wealthy, multi-millionaire bachelor who, in contrast to his business acumen, doesn't have a clue about woman, made evident in his "Game Plan": using the actress to play his girlfriend in hopes of breaking up the marriage of his first love (convinced that she is in a bad marriage, which of course is not true). What he succeeds in doing is making himself miserable, because he’s fallen in love with the actress, who now wants nothing to do with him. During all these comedic machinations, our clueless but engaging businessman has bonded with the husband he thought had been ill-treating his old love; together, they devise a plot to get the actress to truly see what a lovely, if sometimes clueless guy our millionaire is.

Great male lead plus two outstanding female parts.

Scripts with some encumbrances:



The Moe Berg story. An American baseball player of Jewish origins becomes the chief spy for the OSS. His mission: discover the current state of the Nazi’s atomic program, and get to Werner Heisenberg, the man who runs it and kill him if necessary. Set in the late 30s through WWII and into the 50s. (Based on government documents and the book, “Athlete, Scholar, Spy.”)


A young American girl goes to Paris and learns about sex, love, guilt and ultimately, freedom. By the end, she’s an appealing young woman who will take charge of her life.


Story of a young man who loves women but is incapable of commitment. And the women in his life, particularly a young American who after being dropped by him puts her life back together and becomes a first-rate artist. Set in Los Angeles, New York, London and the Greek isles.

"This is a wonderful script. The characters are absolutely authentic and it is hard not to imagine that any man or woman would not see pieces of his/her life in this story. The best thing about this script is that it is really about something: the conflicting needs that most of us feel for both stability and passionate adventure. It is a personal yet universal story."

Lindsay Doran, United Artists.


Three short films within the two-hour format. One actress can play all three parts, or various combinations thereof. First story is about a woman who turns the table on her husband and becomes the beauty of his dreams – only now he no longer fits into her life. Second, is a comedy about two warring couples at a lake, and a big Brown bear. Third, a reversal of “Othello” in which a jealous and successful businesswoman murders her younger male lover out of mistaken jealousy.

RAINY DAYS (story by Udoff; script by Udoff & Cary Medoway)

Comedy drama about a man hired to kill the pain-in-the-ass wife of a successful lawyer. Only the people who have hired this “hitman” have made a major mistake; their man is no killer, only an average guy with large gambling debts. Forced into kidnapping the woman he’s supposed to murder (a threat against his orphaned niece in school down in LA), he hopes to set her free far from the bad guys, then disappear. By the end of the first night, he understands why someone would want this woman murdered! When the bad guys discover how they’ve been duped, it becomes a race to get to the niece. On route, our man and his “prisoner” get to know and like one another, the mob just a few hours behind in deadly pursuit. And in the end, a new family is born: niece, “hitman” and pain-in-the-ass.