Yale Udoff



BAD TIMING  (Nic Roeg, director)

“What the film achieves is a visceral tension that fully matches the intelligence of Yale Udoff’s script.” The Guardian, London.

The most thoroughly adult movie ever made in the English Language.” Maclean’s Magazine.”

“One to the year’s best films. Be sure to see this remarkable film.” After Dark.

“…a striking feel for the offbeat, incidental details of behavior – a character drama that is impressively realistic without sacrificing emotional impact.” LA Reader.

“…in Bad Timing, arguably Roeg’s masterpiece.”  Sight & Sound.

“But only on second viewing was I fully convinced that it was a film of the very first rank, a work of great originality.” Philip French, The Observer, London.

“Roeg and his ingenious writer Yale Udoff create a perfectly coherent and intriguing narrative and relationship.” David Robinson, The Times. London.

“Nicolas Roeg and Yale Udoff’s compelling study of a destructive love affair, masterfully creating involvement with an essentially unsympathetic Art Garfunkel and Theresa Russell.” Charles Champlain, LA Times.

“Bad Timing looks more like a classic with each passing year.” Daily Mail. London.

Additional info: Bad Timing won People’s Choice Award @ Toronto Int’l Film Awards; Nic Roeg received London Critics Circle for Director of the Year.

EVE OF DESTRUCTION  (Duncan Gibbins, director)

“No other film comes to mind, not even ‘Dr. Strangelove,’ in which nuclear weaponry serves so specifically, so directly, as a metaphor for the irrational – indeed, sexual. One of the wittiest, most original and provocative sci-fi thrillers in recent years.” Kevin Thomas, LA Times.