Yale Udoff

Theatre Resume: Yale M. Udoff

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Indian Wells, CA 92210
Contact: Martin Shapiro


Published Work:

THE LITTLE GENTLEMANBest Short Plays 1971, Chilton Book Co; 9 Modern Short Plays 1977, Bantam Books; Literary Cavalcade, March 1972.

A GUN PLAYSamuel French; Playwrights for Tomorrow, Vol. 8, University of  Minnesota Press.

SHADEMademoiselle, 1972.



Hartford Stage Company, 1971 Cherry Lane, NYC, 1971


Playwrights Horizons, NYC, 1976 ’Neill Theater Center, 1973


Theatre du Centre Culturel Americain, Paris, France. 1973; New York University, Black Box Theatre


Melrose Theatre, LA, 1979


O’Neill Theater Center, 1982


Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA. February, 2005; Laurelgrove Theatre Company, Hollywood, CA. November 2005


Laurelgrove Theatre, Hollywood, CA. November 2005


Squaw Valley Writers Conference, CA 1976


  • Rockefeller Grant (for A GUN PLAY)
  • Stanley Drama Award: THE LITTLE GENTLEMAN & THE CLUB
  • Twice selected for O’Neill National Playwrights Conference
  • McArthur Award for MAGRITTE SKIES

 Cast requirements//Synopsis:

Full Length:

  • A GUN PLAY :  9 Male, 5 Female (A man with a baby blue machine gun sits in a chic nightclub, but no one pays him any attention or recognizes the gun for what it is, a killing machine. All see it, with one exception, in terms of their own professions, i.e., the sculptor as a piece of free form sculpture, the fashion designer as something she can use in her next "shoot", etc.)
  • THE EXAMPLE:  4 Male, 2 Female (A family deals with a son's rebellion against his materialist father [a builder of real estate projects whom his son labels a "destroyer"]. In the background festers the rebellious son's affair with his dead brother's wife.
  • MAGRITTE SKIES:  2 Male, 2 Female  (A father sleeps in a coffin in his living room while his family numbers the days toward his inevitable suicide which has been carefully selected to maximize family benefits. His son then understands the inevitable future that awaits him.)
  • FIRST DRAFT:  5 Male, 2  Female (A well-known playwright is forced by a group of actors and a director to deal with the play he hasn't been able to write: a play about his father. In essence, a father-son play that at the same time explores the theatrical process while also exploring the possibility that through his "art" this writer can placate the demons that stalk his complex relationship with his dead father.)
  • BRING BACK DORIS DAY: 6 Male, 4 Female, 3 Bits to be doubled. (A group of friends who have made a Hollywood coffee bar their second home find the routine of their lives in chaos when the bar is threatened with destruction. The threat, and how the group handles it, reveals the personal and societal tensions, which each character deals with in terms of their own needs, strengths and shortcomings. A modern day “Lower Depths,” with humor.)
  • FAVORITE PHOTOS: 3 Male, 1 Female. (A man on the verge of turning fifty is consumed by the anger he feels over becoming “invisible” in his chosen profession, a useless relic to be filed and forgotten. His feelings of irrelevance are a powder keg lying perilously close to a burning match of unconfronted personal betrayal. His wife brings home a strange and at times eloquent homeless man whom she has been kind to, a man who lights the match that ignites all the hidden lies of this marriage.)
  • THE INVITATION:  3 Male, 3 Female. (At a lodge in the snow covered mountains of California, a group of old friends are brought together by a letter – [an invitation] - from the owner of the lodge, a man who none have seen since their youth but all are aware of though his fame as a titan of international business. The weekend together re-ignites old rivalries and loves, brings to light hidden secrets from their shared past as each seeks to understand where they are and where they might be going. Nature itself seems to be watching closely as the lodge suffers an attack from an animal that is barely seen but whose presence is felt by all, an animal that watches and waits its moment.)
  • EXILES:  6 Male, 3 Female. (The Bushies are laying low in Mexico, not far from the Texas border, planning a counter-revolution using sympathizers within and out of the government. A Mexican drug lord plus a Special Op Israeli strike force and members of the Texas Air National Guard are involved in their loony plans which in the end are undermined by the rivalry within the group, which features all the major figures of that administration.)
  • A NEW LIFE: 4 Male, 2 Female  (In North Hollywood, two Russian illegals, Katya and Evgeny, invade the home of Jerry, an unemployed musician whose house is soon to belong to the bank. Katya is beautiful and plays the victim, though she has eyes in the back of her head. Evgeny is menacing and unpredictable, a man who teeters between violence and sweetness. We learn that they have a secret plan to become very rich, and they pledge to make Jerry rich as well if he helps them. Russians are generous, they assure. Their plan revolves around bamboozling a wealthy, older Southern gentleman named Malcolm. But Malcolm turns out to be as lethal as he is courtly, and his unexpected arrival with his deadly henchman Ottavio (who is not Italian but Ukrainian) overwhelms the two Russian plotters, as well as Jerry and his girlfriend Geraldine, who also happens to drop by and who is, coincidentally, acquainted with Malcolm. Ultimately, what each one of these characters is looking for is a new life, a way of reinventing him or herself… no matter that their efforts might put them six feet under by the final curtain.)


One Act Plays:

  • SHADE:   2 Male (Two men, one young, the second much older, battle with the landscape being the young man's hopes for the future and the older man's knowledge of the reality of failure.)
  • THE ACADEMY OF DESIRE:  2 Male, 1 Female (Two men battle for the attention of a woman.).
  • THE LITTLE GENTLEMAN:  1 Male, 3 Female (A Jewish family has a baby who speaks with a British accent and sits in a baby carriage. Is he an infant, is he a man who doesn't want to grow up -- which bothers none of the three women who rule his life. His father is never permitted into the apartment.)
  • THE CLUB: 5 Male, 1 Female (In a steam room, a group of Jewish men in their sixties nervously wait for their secret agreement to take place. An old Italian joins them, threatening their stability, and bringing their agreement to fruition.)
  • NEBRASKA: 6 Male, 1 Female (In a top top secret Washington room, important players in our government – military, religious, cabinet members, presidential advisers - plot a way to secure our interests in the Middle East at the expense of the states of Nebraska and California as well as the state of Israel.)
  • FLOWERS FOR MARILYN: 2 Male (Two men, who had known each other in their prime, meet by accident at a coffee house. Their conflicting memories of a singular woman dredge up the dark waters of friendship, betrayal and forgiveness.)

Membership Organizations:

  • Writers Guild of America
  • Dramatists Guild
  • Actors Studio
  • Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights